Monday, October 13, 2008

My Very First Blog!

So ive never done this before but i feel like it may help me...with everything. Just to vent or whatever! May help me to remember things as well, cuz of course u get mommy brain as soon as u GET pregnant...and it never goes away...or at least for me it hasnt. So here is what is going on with me RIGHT NOW!

The Rundown of my life in a nutshell.

SAHM Who half the time is ready to lose my mind. Some days the boys are Angels (this is a rare occasion if its at the same time!), its almost always one or the other with some issue! And the worst days is when they are both a handful...those are the days i just want to hide! But they are both sweet as pie they really are, just they are both demanding. Talen of course being a baby who is breastfeed wants to be attached to my boob 24/7, he is a very clingy baby! I always wanted a mommas boy after Jace was SUCH a daddys boy...well i got one! And Jace's biggest issue is the speech delay. We can communicate to an extent but if he is frusterated, then his words go and here come the tantrums and theres no stopping him. Part of a recent struggle with the speech and behavior is the Potty Training issue, that is causing a ton of stress on me. BUT the positive things are Talen is starting to sleep longer (YESS!) and most of the time he is playing for longer periods of time and is developing and growing SO AMAZING! And Jace's speech has improved dramatically, he went from saying 2 words to saying about 50 words (i really need to make a list), he is repeating things, he is putting 2 words together (recently), and has just really done well. Im extremely proud of both of them.

Me as a Wife! Well im not the most "domesticated" person alive but i sure am working on it. I would have to say most of our arguements stem from me not keeping up with the housework the way i should BUT i have been alot better with it lately. I have been keeping up with things and doing different chores each day and its getting easier and more routine. And that makes us get along better and thats great!

Me as a Women! Well ive started this diet called the Eat Clean diet...i really love it. Its more like a lifestyle change than a diet cuz its healthy for u and its something that u dont have to stop. Im seeing results but at times i cheat (boo on me) im working on it tho. Its new, ive been on it just a few weeks. But im shooting to lose about 20-25 more lbs and get back to my healthy weight. I think i will be a much more confident and happy and healthy person once i get there. I exercise at least 5 times a week and i love it, it helps relieve stress and i need that after a long day with the kids.

So this is the jist of whats going on with me on an everyday basis! THIS IS MY LIFE!


Brianne said...

Aww, do have your hands full love. I'm glad you made a blog, I think it will relieve some stress also, to get it out, ya know.

The Beard Family of 5 said...

I agree with Bri - that's what I use it for! I'm so glad to see you guys blogging! ( it's hard for me to read your print though )o: )

schmoo_mommy said...

I completely understand your hands-full situation. I really do. Cami is clingy like Tal. And Matthew seems a lot like Jace.

:) I really do think we have a ton in common!